The Problem

  • Our legal system is complicated and often unfriendly to self-represented parties. It is designed to work when all participants are represented by trained lawyers, yet in over 75% of civil cases at least one party is not represented by counsel.

  • Traditional sources of free legal services like Legal Aid and Pro Bono programs are understaffed and overworked leading to most people not being able to obtain free legal representation even when they qualify.

  • Private attorneys cost an average of $250 per hour, putting them out of reach for low and moderate income families. 

  • While many other countries provide lawyers for civil cases, America's failure to fund or provide counsel has created a divide between those who can afford legal assistance and those who cannot. Justice is only guaranteed for the wealthy.

Our Mission

Redeemed Justice believes that every human is made in the image of God, with value and purpose. We believe "justice" requires treating all people according to their true identity. However, we live in a broken world that falls short of this ideal, and we acknowledge that people suffer injustice all around us each day.

God calls us to intercede on behalf of the oppressed and forgotten. We fight injustice by striving to see everyone as a new creation made in God's image, by listening to their hearts and believing in them, by speaking out on their behalf, and by helping them believe in their own value and worth.


Our Process

Tell Us Your Story

We want to know your dreams, your struggles, your achievements, your fears. Your past doesn't define you, but it does help us understand how we can best help you move forward.

Get a Legal Consult

We can help you make sense of you legal situation. What are your options? Can you do it on your own, or do you need an attorney? What are your rights?

Create a Plan

Meet with a care coordinator to develop a plan to address your legal matter as well as other areas of concern in your life. We want to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Get Support

If needed, hire us to help you with your legal matter and assist you with implementing your life plan. Our legal rates are affordable based on your income.

Contact Us!

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Our Promise

1. We will always listen to you and treat you with dignity
2. We will only represent you if we believe it is in your best interest
3. All life counsel will be biblically-based
4. We will always tell the truth
5. We will walk through life with you as long as you lets us.